Fostering Gratitude

As we enter the Thanksgiving season, our thoughts are turned to gratitude. Did you know that gratitude increases your overall happiness?

Studies show that gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.

Here are some ways YOU can foster gratitude:

  • Write thank you notes to others; genuinely expressing reasons you’re thankful for them. Try making this a regular routine.
  • Count your blessings; try keeping a gratitude journal of big and little daily joys.
  • Pray or Meditate; on past, present, and future experiences and their related blessings.
  • Preform small acts of kindness; look for opportunities to help others. Something as simple as holding the door open for someone, can have a positive effect on your happiness.

Practicing gratitude can be simple and fun. Pick one thing to work on and go from there. The effects of gratitude are endless and well worth the effort.

“If you hold up your head with a smile on your face and are truly thankful ... you are blessed because the majority can, but most do not.” Author unknown