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About us

Addison Jayne was inspired by two sweet baby girl cousins born on the same day. Their birth’s were unplanned amongst us, their mothers, but definitely not a coincidence. We feel their angel grandmother, Joy, played an influential role in this story. Jordan and Kaylee had due dates that were a few days apart, but both babies came early, on the same day, within hours of one another. With both girls having the initials “A.J.” we picked a name from each of them and Addison Jayne was created! We set off to create a diaper bag that was both functional and stylish, classy and sturdy. One that would meet not only “baby” needs but everyday needs as well.  


Jordan and Kaylee (Co-Owners and sisters-in-law) both live in Northern Utah. 

Jordan is a mom of four kids including one set of twins. She has a Bachelors degree in Family Studies. She enjoys spending time with her family, photography, and running. After having her third child, born on the same day as her cousin, Jordan was inspired by their story to create a diaper bag that was stylish and functional. Her vision was of a bag that would last not only through having young children but in the years before and beyond as well. 

Kaylee is a mom of six kids. She enjoys spending time with her family, being active, reading (when she can find the time), and loves cheering her kids on in their different activities. Kaylee feels that the girls births were divinely orchestrated. She couldn't wait to apply her experience in creating a stylish yet functional bag, and sharing their story in the process.

"Each and every one of us have a unique and beautiful journey, it is my hope that our bags will bring you JOY in your journey, just as these two sweet girls have brought to mine." -Jordan

"I hope every woman can feel confident and beautiful in who she is. I hope our bags will help you feel that confidence and beauty as you journey through each day." -Kaylee

We are excited to be able to work alongside each other. We have put our family values and integrity into our products and company. We hope every customer will have a great experience with Addison Jayne!